You know that fall is in the air when the first pomegranates of the season hit the local farmers markets. This antioxidant-packed fruit delivers a blast of tang to your mouth. The edible pulp surrounding the seeds is what you want to eat, avoiding the white membrane and bitter hard seeds. Gently applying pressure can also yield some exceptional pure juice, perfect for making homemade sorbets as seen in the Fix of the Week on page D6. Now available at most Santa Barbara Certified Farmers Markets. About $1 per pound.

Black pineapple tomatoes

This was a favorite at last week's heirloom tomato tasting at the Saturday Santa Barbara farmers market and is grown organically by Jacob Grant of Roots Farm. It possesses a beautiful variegated purple, green and red coloring, with a greenish flesh when sliced. It is a full-flavored variety with low acidity. I sliced some on my sandwich this weekend, which gave it an amazing flavor and texture. Available at the Tuesday Santa Barbara, Wednesday Solvang, Friday Montecito, Saturday Santa Barbara and Sunday Camino Real markets each week. About $3 per pound or 4 pounds for $10.

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