Raised naturally without the use of hormones or antibiotics, this pork is as pure as it gets. Most cuts, from chops and sirloin to tenderloin and stew meat, are regularly available at the market, but if you have a certain cut in mind, make sure to get there early. Whether grilled, fried, or seared and slow-roasted to make a thyme- and lemon-rubbed sirloin, the Fix of the Week on page D6, you can't go wrong with pork this fresh. Available from Jimenez Family Farm at the Tuesday Santa Barbara, Wednesday Solvang, Saturday Santa Barbara and Sunday Camino Real farmers markets, as well as from Rocky Canyon Ranch at the Saturday Santa Barbara market. Prices start at about $5 per pound (ground) to $11.25 (premium cuts).

Organic thyme

With the fresh basil, chives and dill just about wrapped up for the season, there are still a few exceptional local organic herbs available from Earthtrine Farm of Ojai. Fresh thyme is one herb that continues to flourish this time of year in our ideal Southern California climate. Organic thyme is available at the Tuesday Santa Barbara and Saturday Santa Barbara markets. About $1.25 per bunch, depending on the size.

Clementine tangerines

Another local variety of tangerine is in full swing right now thanks to Friends Ranch. This tasty variety is the product of an orange and mandarin cross, resulting in a deliciously sweet seedless fruit with extremely easy-to-peel skin. The deep orange to almost reddish flesh is loaded with vitamins A and C and is a good source of fiber. Available at the Saturday Santa Barbara market. About $2 per pound with deals on 40-pound cases.