Sweet potatoes

Now is the time to grab fresh sweet potatoes, which are being harvested regularly this time of year. Available in yellow and orange varieties, this nutrient-packed vegetable is one of the most nutritious out there, as it's loaded with beta-carotene, fiber, vitamin C and potassium. Perfect for roasting, mashing or when sautčed and served alongside breaded pork chops, as seen in the Fix of the Week on page D6. Grown by Her Family Farm and Garcia Family Farm. Available at the Tuesday Santa Barbara, Thursday Goleta, Saturday Santa Barbara and Sunday Camino Real farmers markets. About $1.50 to $2.50 per pound.

Zesty garlic butter

Produced by Spring Hill Cheese, this organic butter is a must-try. Use it to butter bread, add to the pan before a fry, or top a freshly baked potato or, my favorite, homemade corn bread along with a little local honey. I have also used it to rub under the skin of a fresh whole chicken purchased at the farmers market from Lily's Eggs. Available at the Tuesday Santa Barbara, Wednesday Solvang, Thursday Carpinteria, Saturday Santa Barbara and Sunday Camino Real markets. About $6 each.

Lucca olive oil

This exceptional olive oil from Olive Hill Farm is produced in the Santa Ynez Valley. Made with 100 percent Lucca olives, it has a medium body and a fresh, grassy bouquet. Enjoy as a dipping oil or in the finest cuisine. Sizes range from a mini 2-ounce bottle to a gallon, with deals on a case. Prices start at $5 per bottle.

Sam Edelman, general manager, Santa Barbara Certified Farmers Market Association; photos by Robby Barthelmess, NewsPress