Baba Hummus
Moez Benselem

Production Location
Hanford, CA in Kings and Fresno Counties

Year Began Selling at SBCFMA Farmers’ Markets

Baba Hummus is a four acre farm in Hanford. Moez Benselem has been making hummus for eleven years but the farm is five years old. For Moez making hummus is connecting back to his roots in Tunasia of North Africa. The farm is primarily planted in garbonzo beans. Planting begins at the start of March and harvest happens four months later when you'll begin to see garbonzo bushels and beans decorating the stalls and tables. The hummus is made in San Luis Obispo and can be found in local grocery stores. The flavors

often follow seasonal veggies so the batches are varied and often new. The most popular current flavor being their "Avocado and Cilantro" hummus. Baba Hummus is brought you by a very small crew of fourteen people, four minding the farm and the rest crewing the kitchen 

and markets.

Local Farmers’ Markets
Saturday Downtown Santa Barbara
Tuesday Old Town Santa Barbara
Wednesday Solvang Village