Beylik Family Farms
Scott and Laura Beylik

Production Location
Fillmore, CA in Ventura County

Year Began Selling at SBCFMA Farmers’ Markets
About the Farm
Beylik Family Farms has been producing top quality produce since 1971. Four generation of Beylik’s work and care for the farm on a daily basis, making it a true family farm operation. Using hydroponic growing methods, their produce found at participating farmers’ market is flawless, yet still incredibly flavorful.

Main Crops
A year-round selection of hydroponically grown tomatoes and cucumbers. Keep an eye out for seasonal fresh sweet and spicy peppers, summer and winter squash, basil, lettuce, peas, beets, and avocados.

Local Farmers’ Markets
Saturday Downtown Santa Barbara
Tuesday Old Town Santa Barbara
Thursday Carpinteria
Friday Montecito