Burkdoll Farm
Todd Burkdoll

Production Location
Visalia, CA in Tulare County

Year Began Selling at SBCFMA Farmers’ Markets
About the Farm
Family owned since 1858, this 50 acre Visalia based farm is dedicated to the most sustainable and ecologically sound farming practices for now and the next generation. They have approximately 50 varieties of stone fruit under production throughout the year. A focus on bringing in the highest possible quality fruit to market is a top priority.

Main Crops
Starting around the first week of May, you can expect to find freshly harvested cherries. Throughout the summer months an array of stone fruit will be present, including peaches, apricots, plums and nectarines. Over a dozen varieties of unique pluot crops on hand. From late summer through the fall season you will find fresh grapes, persimmons and pomegranates. A wide array of sweet and spicy preserves are also available from May-December

Local Farmers’ Markets
Saturday Downtown Santa Barbara
Sunday Camino Real Marketplace
Tuesday Old Town Santa Barbara
Wednesday Solvang Village
Thursday Goleta
Thursday Carpintera
Friday Montecito