Caitlin Ranch
Caitlin Family

Production Location
Carpinteria, CA 

Year Began Selling at SBCFMA Farmers’ Markets
About the Farm
Caitlin Ranch was originally established in1898 and is located on the Casitas Pass Rd. in Carpenteria. A thirty acre farm twenty of which are planted in avocado orchard, five in raspberries, one in Kahili Ginger and the rest home to strawberries, blackberries, persimmons, citrus and pineapple guavas. The ranch
boasts four different varieties of avocados: Hass, Fuerte, Shepherd, Lamb Hass, Karen and Harms, The property was originally fifty acres owned by the Caitlin family, one of the originating families of Carpinteria. The ranch uses uncertified organic methods, their loyal customers appreciating the lack of a hike in cost this would cause. The ranch has a very small crew of just three with increased crew during harvests.

Local Farmers’ Markets
Friday Montecito
Saturday Downtown Santa Barbara
Thursday Carpinteria