De La Cruz Family Farm
Andy and Filomena De La Cruz

Production Location
Los Osos, CA in San Luis Obispo County
About the Farm
The De La Cruz Family Farm began in the Philippines when Filomena (Linda), was young. Linda would plant along neighboring rivers with saved seeds or foraged plants. Her family established a farm in Morro Bay in 1988 after settling in the United States. The farm is family run by a crew of five. Farming is their livelihood and Santa Barbara markets are as far south as they will travel with their fresh harvests of seasonal veggies and baby greens. While they are not a certified organic operation they practice sustainable farming methods, keeping close to
their heart their strong customer base and care for their harvests.

Main CropsFresh snow, snap and English shelling peas can be found for a good part of the year. The summer brings a nice harvest of tomatoes, sweet and spicy peppers, fresh beans, summer squash, and their highly sought jumbo fresh onions. Romaine lettuce, giant carrots perfect for juicing, and flavorful beets are also on hand. Baby broccoli and kale is also very popular.

Local Farmers’ Markets
Saturday Downtown Santa Barbara