Domingo Farms
Rudy Domingo .  

Production Location
Arroyo Grande, CA in San Luis Obispo County
About the Farm
Domingo Farms is a second generation farm. Rudy Domingo’s father relocated to California from Hawaii, where his farming roots began. Rudy has been farming for over twenty years and has always maintained sustainable practices, although has never been certified organic. He does not use any pesticides or commercial fertilizers and has held these standards for decades. The farm includes 35 active acres, which he rotates with neighboring farmers on 150 acres of land. Domingo Farms is solely farmers' market retail based.

Main Crops
A wide variety of seasonal veggies and greens, as well as some beautiful cut flowers. Highlights include fresh bulk spinach, lettuces, fennel, beets, dandelion greens, and bok choy. You will encounter vine-ripened tomatoes and sweet lipstick peppers in the summer and fall months. Also fuyu persimmons in the fall and early winter. Fresh cut flowers include; sunflowers, tuberose, and sweet peas in the spring.

Local Farmers’ Markets
Saturday Downtown Santa Barbara
Tuesday Old Town Santa Barbara